Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bigger and Better....

So far, in the history of my blog, I have done some sort of commemorative post of the years events. But this year, there is very little that I even WANT to remember. This post might sound negative, but I'm trying to be objective and state facts of the year. Its still pretty difficult for me to think about a lot of the events of 2013. I will list a few things that I want to remember, and a few things that may sound negative, but I should probably write down because they are kind of milestones. But, in all honestly, I couldn't be happier that 2013 is gone for good. I know it may sound silly, because its just a day, seemingly like any other, but it's rejuvenating to have a fresh start. It's 100% mental, but I don't care!! I am really looking forward to starting fresh and having a better year in 2014. The Good: -I got to see my sisters family A LOT this year! I went to their house for a week in August, when they first moved to their new house, then again in October and was able to babysit and party with just my niece and nephews. That was by far my favorite week of 2013. I loved playing Mom to my 3 favorite kidders. And then again for Christmas. Those Whiting sure are awesome. I love them a ton! This year woulda been plain awful without them!! - a trip to San Diego with Berkley. I for reals love that place! I've thought about moving there for the summer. - getting to be a lot closer friends with my fantastic co-worker. I am more and more convinced that that summer FULL of interviewing 2 years ago was all part of a bigger picture. I NEEDED to end up at Whittier for the people that are in my life. (Side note: I LOVE the moments that a trial finally makes sense.) - St. George trip with said co-workers. So. Much. Fun. We went paddle boarding and had such a blast!!! -standing in line all day to meet the Sandlot cast and Crew on the field where they filmed it. - jimmy Eat World concert and relient K concert -watching the sunset over the clouds from an airplane. - my soul sister Emme coming to visit - no longer a provisional teacher! - one of my students that brought me flowers like once a week. Learning experiences: - getting my heart truly broken for the first time. - First time having to tow my car, because the battery cable was corroded - buying a new battery for my car - getting a new transmission for my car - running out of gas, in the middle of Bangerter, in the middle of rush hour. - going through 4 phones. 3 of which were in a matter of 2 months. Dropped the first in a toilet at work (kinda glad that one died....) dropped the second in a tub full of water (it survived) then threw it in the dumpster with the garbage (yes, I climbed in to get it out and it still survived). I was finally eligible for an upgrade, got a new phone and dropped that one in the toilet. Luckily it survived until just a few days ago when it fell 2 feet out of my pocket while I was sitting and cracked the LCD. - starting my ESL endorsement And to finish... A few goals I have for 2014 -lose 10-15 lbs. (emotional eating will do that to you...) - pay extra on my student loans - go through the temple - go on a good trip - finish my ESL endorsement (that's kind of a given) - go to the gym 3 times a week - ween myself off caffeine - memories jar for 2014-- anything noteworthy goes inside for me to look at December 31 this year. Here's to bigger and better things this coming year. Taking charge, kicking butt and taking names!

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hokime said...

Hey You Go Girl!!!!!
You can do anything you put your mind to! I'm your biggest fan!