Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bigger and Better....

So far, in the history of my blog, I have done some sort of commemorative post of the years events. But this year, there is very little that I even WANT to remember. This post might sound negative, but I'm trying to be objective and state facts of the year. Its still pretty difficult for me to think about a lot of the events of 2013. I will list a few things that I want to remember, and a few things that may sound negative, but I should probably write down because they are kind of milestones. But, in all honestly, I couldn't be happier that 2013 is gone for good. I know it may sound silly, because its just a day, seemingly like any other, but it's rejuvenating to have a fresh start. It's 100% mental, but I don't care!! I am really looking forward to starting fresh and having a better year in 2014. The Good: -I got to see my sisters family A LOT this year! I went to their house for a week in August, when they first moved to their new house, then again in October and was able to babysit and party with just my niece and nephews. That was by far my favorite week of 2013. I loved playing Mom to my 3 favorite kidders. And then again for Christmas. Those Whiting sure are awesome. I love them a ton! This year woulda been plain awful without them!! - a trip to San Diego with Berkley. I for reals love that place! I've thought about moving there for the summer. - getting to be a lot closer friends with my fantastic co-worker. I am more and more convinced that that summer FULL of interviewing 2 years ago was all part of a bigger picture. I NEEDED to end up at Whittier for the people that are in my life. (Side note: I LOVE the moments that a trial finally makes sense.) - St. George trip with said co-workers. So. Much. Fun. We went paddle boarding and had such a blast!!! -standing in line all day to meet the Sandlot cast and Crew on the field where they filmed it. - jimmy Eat World concert and relient K concert -watching the sunset over the clouds from an airplane. - my soul sister Emme coming to visit - no longer a provisional teacher! - one of my students that brought me flowers like once a week. Learning experiences: - getting my heart truly broken for the first time. - First time having to tow my car, because the battery cable was corroded - buying a new battery for my car - getting a new transmission for my car - running out of gas, in the middle of Bangerter, in the middle of rush hour. - going through 4 phones. 3 of which were in a matter of 2 months. Dropped the first in a toilet at work (kinda glad that one died....) dropped the second in a tub full of water (it survived) then threw it in the dumpster with the garbage (yes, I climbed in to get it out and it still survived). I was finally eligible for an upgrade, got a new phone and dropped that one in the toilet. Luckily it survived until just a few days ago when it fell 2 feet out of my pocket while I was sitting and cracked the LCD. - starting my ESL endorsement And to finish... A few goals I have for 2014 -lose 10-15 lbs. (emotional eating will do that to you...) - pay extra on my student loans - go through the temple - go on a good trip - finish my ESL endorsement (that's kind of a given) - go to the gym 3 times a week - ween myself off caffeine - memories jar for 2014-- anything noteworthy goes inside for me to look at December 31 this year. Here's to bigger and better things this coming year. Taking charge, kicking butt and taking names!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Warning: emotional post!!!!

Very nearly 3 months ago, Brennan and I broke up. It has easily been one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. I struggle now to put this into words. I've pretty much cried myself to sleep every night for the last 3months. April is a blur to me. I literally remember nothing about April because I was pretty much in a coma. It still doesn't seem real to me. It completely side swiped me. I would have never guessed that it ever would have happened. In all honesty, it's hard for me to think I will ever get over it. I loved him with all of my heart. To me, there was no one else. It's hard to think about. Hard to swallow. Hard to realize that the one person you trusted to never break your heart did exactly that. Hard to see that the person you gave so much to was able to just walk away. How do you get over that?? Really though, I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm still trying to make any sort of sense of it. I struggle to even want to go out or want to be around people. Of any kind. New friends or old friends.  Here are the thoughts I have had and that I have to keep reminding myself of:

1. There is a reason for this. What that reason is, I have no idea. But for one reason or another Heavenly Father has other plans for me. And I have to trust that. No matter how stinking hard it is and despite the fact that he is dragging me kicking and screaming.

2. We had a lesson once, in my singles branch in Rigby that has really stuck with me. The teacher drew a line on the board and as she talked she changed the way the line moved. She compared it to our life. She said when you are little and you get a puppy, you are so happy (and the line went up) but then the puppy dies, and you are so sad (and the line took a deep dive).  She went back and forth several times between things that make you happy and sad, but each time the jumps and dives in the line got bigger and bigger. Ask me sometime and I will show you. Any way, her point was that there
is opposition in all things. We have to know deeper sorrow so that we can know greater happiness. Almost a Newtons law kind of thing... For every action there is equal and opposite reaction. Im not sure that this is completely doctrine, but it made sense to me. It is said in the scriptures that there is
opposition in all things. and we have to know the bitter to know the sweet. I just keep telling myself that one day I'm gonna be REALLY happy and I just have to hang in there.

3. My savior suffered all things. He suffered on a personal level. He has felt everything that I have felt and much more. He understands and can help me heal. Not to mention, prophets of every kind have suffered much more than I. How can I expect to sit amongst them in Heaven if I don't have my own trials. I wouldn't feel worthy to be in the midst of such great incredible people without having struggles of my own. We all have a load to bear on this earth. This is one part of mine.

And So, here I sit on my 26th birthday, Contemplating what life has in store for me. Fairly afraid of the future, struggling to figure out what I want and how to get it. If i had to be honest, i would say
this ranks very high on the " suckiest birthdays ever" list. but I have hope that someday I can look back at this and have the memories, but longer feel the hurt. That I can be truly happy again. I know what I believe and I have to cling to that so that I am not overwhelmed by what I feel.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Farewell 2012! We had some great times and we had some not so great times... Here are a few of the highlights!

Started REALLY rough for me, but really turned out great! I moved into my place on 1500 East with Berkley.

My first Valentines day with Brennan! It was fantastic! He got my beautiful flowers, took me an adorable Italian place downtown and we watched Tangled. He also go me a big thing of Olive Garden mints. He sweet talked some waitress into giving him a BUNCH! It made my WHOLE day. I love those things. 

VERY eventful!! Grizzlies Hockey game, Opening of City Creek, and Custival of Feathers! (festival of colors) So much fun! and on a chessier note -- Brennan and I said I love you for the first time! :)

Really good seats in the lower bowl at a Jazz game! a fun Hike with Brennan to a huge rock that over looks the Salt Lake Valley. 

Brennan and I had a fun date to look at the Solar Annular. We hurried and whipped up a quick dinner and then rushed to a spot up high so that we could check it out. We worn 3 pairs of sunglasses and used a CD in order to see it. I LOVED doing that!

It was one of the best months of the year! First, school ended and I couldn't have been happier. I had such a hard school year and was so glad to be done with it. Second, I bought and sold a cool roll top desk! I made 100 bucks on it! Luckily I have an adorable and wonderful boyfriend that humors me and goes with my crazy ideas!!!! :) Third, Brennan helped me plan an awesome camping trip up on the Alpine loop. He pretty much put it all together just for me. We spent the day together, set up camp, and went  fishing. We made amazing tin foil dinners and I had birthday cake cooked in an orange in the fire! YUM!!! it was such an awesome birthday! Fourth, I used Brennans awesome birthday present (AS Chalk Paint) and refinished my little cabinet thing. Fifth, I flew to AZ and then drove back to Utah with Whit and the kiddos. We always have so much fun when we do that. I LOVE doing it. :) We also hit a deer and Brennan drove clear down to Panguitch to save us!!! He is always my hero. AND sixth, We had a super fun Family reunion in Star Valley this year.

I got to spend 4th of July with Brennans Family mostly. In the evening we went to a Real game and watched fireworks in the stadium. Brennan and I also set up our co-workers on a date to the Aviary. We didn't realize how cool it was until after we went! Finally, I took Brennan and Brian on a trip to Star Valley/ Yellowstone. We spent time in Jackson and Yellowstone, went to Bar J Wranglers, and played games with my grandparents. 

Brennan had back surgery and because of some very unfortunate events, I stayed at his parents house with him and nursed him back to health. I watched more Olympics than anyone ever. Including things I didn't even know were Olympic sports... School started up again towards the end of the month. At the very end of the month, Brennan scored box seats to a U game and then we had dinner with my family for my dads birthday.

Brennan and I left September 1st to go to Vegas for my first time ever!!! We stayed at the Bellagio, went to Cirque De Solle, and Terry Fator. Brennan and I were able to spend a lot time together. SSOO fun! Caroline and I had our first 3rd grade field trip to Camp Tracy. Brennan and I went shooting with my brother. That was my first time ever! and Finally, Brennan, Michelle, Brian and I went to a Real game and dinner.

Jazz games! Brennan and I decided to go to Rodizio just for the heck of it! We ate ourselves SILLY! I was Miss Frizzle for Halloween. We went to a special Jazz night and got the signatures of the entire Jazz team!! I got to meet Jeremy Evans and I was too shy to say much to him!

We celebrated Brennans birthday by going to Bennihana's (my first time) I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my moms side of the family! That weekend, I flew with Brennans family out to Las Vegas to celebrate Brennans, his moms, and his grandpa's birthdays!!! We stayed at Ceasers Palace and went to Donnie and Marie! There was a TV in the mirror of the bathroom. We also had frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3. 

I made a bunch of ornaments for a variety of people. I should have taken more pictures of them. My students and I had a fun Polar Express party and they brought SSSOOO much candy. We didnt even come close to using half! I also got to make ornaments with my niece and nephews. It has been a tradition in my family. I had a wonderful Christmas and got spoiled by everyone around me!! I loved spending a lot of time with my family. I got to go shopping with my sister, mom and niece too. On New Years Eve, Brennan Brian and I got the stuff ready to go snow mobiling the next day. After that, We went back to their house and I convinced them to play "Just Dance" with me. We also played Mario Kart and watched the count down. We woke up early the next day and drove to Logan to go snow mobiling with Michelle. It was a blast! It was so pretty and just perfect snow and weather. I am SSSOO sore now!  I enjoyed every second of my Holiday break!! 

I was worried that this would take me a long time and that I would have to think really hard about each month, but it was so easy!!! I really had a great year! I am looking forward to see whats in store in 2013! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

OH Thank Goodness!

Thanksgiving, as it should, has really made me think about all the things I have to be grateful for. I really am SO SO blessed. So, here are just a few examples of how blessed I am!
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The gospel has blessed my life in countless ways. I feel the power and blessings of the atonement every day. I know my Heavenly Father loves me. I feel so lucky to know the truth of the gospel and to be able to live and learn about it. I am grateful that it allows families to be together forever. I am grateful for a knowledge of the plan of salvation.
  • I have an incredible family! I love my family so much! I have wonderful parents that taught me the gospel. They raised me to be the person I am today. I was very lucky to be raised the way I was. I always knew I was very loved, I always had food in my stomach and a roof over my head. We may not have always had a TON, but all my needs were met! I have wonderful siblings that are so entertaining! haha They always are willing to listen, and give me advice and help in any way that they can! We get along really well now that we are older.
  • I have a truly amazing boyfriend! This has been the best year and almost a half! There were honestly times in my life that I thought I would never have someone like him in my life. Things just fell into place and brought us together. I have LOVED every second of our time together. He is so caring, so interested in other people, so genuine in everything he does. He is ssooo smart in so many ways. He has taught me so much about relationships. I can tell that he loves me because of the way he treats me and the things he does to help me. He is a strength to me. He has such a way of doing/being exactly what I need. He makes me laugh. He laughs at my stupid jokes. He is sweet and works so hard! He gives great back rubs and helps me destress. I wouldn't have it any other way!
  • I have a car that I love and that runs!
  • I have a roof over my head and food on the table.
  • I have great friends. Most of my close friends I don't get to talk to very often, and I miss TERRIBLY but I still strongly value in my life. (You know who you are) So many of you have been a big part of my life and who I am today!
  • I have a good job that most days, doesn't even feel like a job to me. I can pay my bills and do what I love.
  • I have a great class this year that is small. My students are cute and friendly
  • modern technology!
  • chocolate!
  • dr. pepper
  • when I get naps
  • being warm!!! showers, blankets, clothes, whatever it takes.
  • The list goes on! 
What are you thankful for??

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vegas Baby!!!!

This was SUCH a fun Labor Day weekend!!! Brennan's family invited me to join them in Las Vegas. This is a common trip for his parents, and grandparents. It was SSSSOOOO much fun. I had never actually stayed in Vegas long. I was too little to remember much from when I was there before.

Brennan and I started our weekend with tickets to the Utah football game. But, not just any tickets... He just happened to sell really good seats at the Jazz right as the VP said he couldnt use his CLUB seats!!! We went in the VIP entrance, got a buffet dinner and treats, and sat on the front row of the fancy club seats. Im not a huge football fan, but it was sssooo fun to sit in those seats! After that, we met my family for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. Here are some pics...

 The next morning, Brennan and I got up and drove to Vegas! We met his grandparents at the Bellagio and got our key. Brennan's room had a perfect view of the fountains and we watched several times from there. We walked around and played slots a little before we met the limo in the front. We rode to the Aria to see Cirque Du Soleil "Viva Elvis"! It was the second to last showing and it was such an amazing show to see!!! There were so many times both Brennan and I gasped because we thought they were going to die!
Me and the view from Brennan's room.

Chocolate Dragon at the Aria

The next day, we walked through Caesars Palace, the Venetian, and The Palazzo. We mostly looked at all the cool shops there. We had seen a cool rare book store on "Pawn Stars" so we walked there too. It was SSSOOO cool to see first editions of so many old old books! That night, we rode in a limo to see Terry Fater. He is a SINGING ventriloquist that won America's Got Talent a few years back. He was sssoooo amazing. His impressions were spot on. It's really cool that he can combine so many of his talents. He sings, does an impression, is FUNNY, and does ventriloquism all at the same time. After that, we went to a giant arcade with Brennans sister. We played deal or no deal. I listened to Brennan on what case to choose and we took it all the way to see what was in my case... Lucky me... It was ONE ticket... We got friendship bracelets with all our winnings. HA!
Brenny loves Unicorns....

Brennan and my combined winnings.

The final day, we took our time getting ready and then went to the "Gold and Silver Pawn Shop" from Pawn Stars. It was really cool to see. We then drove to St. George and stayed with his grandparents. We swam in their pool, ate delicious food his grandma made and enjoyed relaxing for one more day. It was such an awesome weekend.

On the way home, I was driving Brennans car, when we got a flat tire! I had never had a flat tire, let alone on the freeway. It was ssssooo scary! We had to get a tow truck and then ride the rest of the way with Brennan's parents and sister. STILL such a fun weekend!!! I am So glad I got to go!! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School

Well, here goes nothing. I start back in 3rd grade tomorrow! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I have got my classroom all set up and ready. I am hoping for a much better year this year. Last year did not go so well for me. In fact, I woke up in a panic because I had a dream that through a weird series of events I got my exact same class back. They were back with a vengeance too. It was like they spent the summer talking about how much they hated me and when they found out I was their teacher again they revolted. It was terrible. I was SSSOOOO thankful to wake up. I think even seeing some of those students tomorrow or in the coming year may still make me cringe just because of the dream! haha

ANY way, I am really excited to start with the little guys again. I always get a little bit nervous at the beginning of the year just because I don't want to forget anything. I also always fear they are going to run wild on me... which is silly...but you know me... I'm a worrier. I'm really going to try to stay super positive and work really hard to help these kiddos. Brennan is super busy with work, school and being the newly called EQP... so there goes my social life. I guess that just means I'll have plenty of time to perfect my school stuff. :) Im working on getting really good files made up and good activities planned because I am REALLY hoping to stay in 3rd grade next year. I guess we'll see!! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Tooth Woes...

Dentists are the bane of my existence... As of about 3 weeks ago, I hadn't been to the dentist in approx. 6 years... Number 1: I hate them. Number 2: I didn't have insurance. Number 3: I hate them. Number 4:  Even when I had insurance I always found an excuse not to make an appt. Number 5: I hate them.

So, FINALLY I decided it was time to go. The first appt was terrible, but they told me I needed a root canal. They told me a little bit about it and told me that it will cost close to $700. Ouch.  I don't know about you but I don't have $700 lying around to be spent on a stupid tooth. To be spent on anything for that matter....  I borrowed some money and made the appt for the root canal.

I go to my appt, and everything is going great! Or, so I thought. The dentist (who by the way is approx. my age and now know is inexperienced) sat me up and said, "I can't find your 3rd canal in your tooth. I'm gonna have to send you to the endodontist that is across the hall, but he is not much more money and does this all the time. Let me go see if he can fit you in now, or if you need to come back next week."  at that point I thought uh... ok... I guess... but come to find out the stupid endodontist is $500 EXTRA. $500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But at this point I am completely and utterly stuck. I really have no choice and am stuck with a giant hole for a tooth.

The icing on the cake is that by the time the endo could get me in, the numbing had worn off and it was starting to hurt pretty bad. I told him and asked him to give me more numbing medicine, which he did, but started drilling immediately after. Even a guy in the waiting room could have told you it wasn't gonna be numb yet. It hurt so bad that I started crying, which cause my nose to start running, which meant I could no longer breathe through my nose and I had a rubber sheet covering my mouth. Cue Hyperventilation.... It took me a good 15-20 minutes to be breathing normally again so that they could finish. I spent like 5 hours at the dentist when all was said and done. Yuck. And I thought I hated dentists BEFORE....

Two dentists, and $1200 later..... That dang tooth better last me a lifetime.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Part 3

What are some of your personal and family traditions?
Pretty much for every holiday we do something with the family. It usually just includes dinner and the celebrations just depend on the year. The day after Thanksgiving we decorate for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we always go to a movie. and then wake up early Christmas morning, open presents, and hang out. 

As for my own traditions, I go to Ihop every birthday (it was a tradition started with my  dad) I also go to I hop on the day my dad died because he and I would always go.

How do you celebrate adults birthdays?
We usually go to dinner, or else they get to choose what they want for dinner. We eat some kind of dessert and open presents.

How do you celebrate children's birthdays?
The same way, but usually they get  to invite some friends over.
How do you celebrate your anniversary?
I don't have an anniversary...

How did you gain your testimony? Write your testimony.  
It has come as I have lived the gospel. I am constantly learning more and strengthening my testimony all the time. It is hard for me to put into words, but I will do my best. I believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I believe that Christ performed the atonement for us to be able to repent and learn to be more like him. I believe that God has a prophet on the earth that receives modern day revelation for us. and worthy men can hold the priesthood. I believe in temple ordinances and that that is how we can obtain celestial glory.

How has the Gospel and knowledge of Heavenly Father's plan helped you in your life?
It gives me a lot of comfort. I know that I have access to the Holy Ghost that can lead and guide me in making decisions that will be best for me and will help me return to him some day. It gives me more confidence as well. 

What ordinances have you completed?
I am missing Endowment and Sealing

What callings have you had?  Which were your favourite/least favourite? What did you learn from them?
FHE mom, RS teacher, RS activity committee, dinner committee, RS missionary Counselor, RS Education counselor. I liked all of them, really...except the dinner committee...that kinda sucked. I guess I learned more patience, and about serving others more readily.

What is your favourite scripture/hymn/conference talk?  Why?
phillippians 4:13 because it always gives me strength and comfort to know Christ is on my side, and is there to help me. 

Did you serve a mission?

Home Life
Describe the places you've lived.
This could take a while...

Freedom - It was an old farm house. It was white with a red roof. My siblings and I had  our rooms upstairs. Whitney and I shared and Shane and Lon shared. It was small but cozy. I have fond memories of that house

YLP California - This house was one level house with 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Behind the house was a large open field. again Whitney and I shared and Shane and Lon shared. It was  a brown house with a curvy drive way.

Freedom 2 - We lived in an even OLDER farm house. It had a zillion odd additions to the house. There were enough bedrooms for all of us to have our own room pretty much. It looked like wood paneling on the outside. 

Rapid City - We lived in an apt complex, just me, mom and dad. We had 3 bedrooms. Once you came in the door there was my parents room, then you walked down a long hall way to the kitchen, dining room, and livingroom. From there, you could turn down a short hall way to the other 2 bedrooms and the bathroom. They were grey apts

Thayne - Another 3 bedroom apt. You came into the living room and then went down a long hall way to the bedrooms and bathrooms. It was pretty junky. We had a really loud family that lived above us. The were dark brown I think...

Rigby - We moved into a big barely finished 3 bedroom house the lay out was some what similar to out apt in thayne, but it was bigger and nicer! It had an unfinished basement. Our house was white.

Rexburg - I lived in a 3 bedroom apt with 5 other girls. It was small, but lots of fun. We had living room and kitchen when you first walked in and through a door way was a hall and the bedrooms. We had a long vanity with 2 sinks and then 2 small bathrooms with only a shower and toilet inside. It was red brick on the outside.

Salt Lake 1 - I lived in a big basement apt. I wish I would have never moved from there. It was so cheap, and nice. the rooms were huge and there was a ton of storage.  It had a long open living room with a kitchen to one side and a bedroom off the kitchen.  at the back of the living room there was another bedroom and the bathroom. The house was white.

Salt Lake 2 - I lived in a newly remodeled duplex. It was very nice! Wood floors, Tile and granite in the kitchen, 3 bedrooms and a big back yard. It was green on the outside.

Salt Lake 3 - I live in a small 2 bedroom apt in a triplex. 

What was your favourite house?  Why?
I think my favorite house was the one in Rigby. It was very nice and comfortable. I have a lot of good memories there.

How do you like to decorate?
I like the shabby chic look. I also like the country look. I just use what I like and what looks nice.

What is it about a home that you love?
the comfort it brings. whenever I'm in a bad mood or whatever i can come home and just relax. Its a refuge.

How has your standard of life changed through the years?
Um... i dont know that it really has. the only difference I can think if is that I used to rely on my parents and now I don't

How many hours do you like to sleep at night?
I need a good solid 8 hours to be functional. I usually go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7.

Do you take naps?
I LOVE NAPS!!! :) mostly just on Sundays though.

Do you like a lot, or few blankets and pillows?
I like a pretty flat pillow or I feel like Im suffocating. I always have to have at least a thin blanket. In the winter I love having a zillion blankets on to keep me warm.

Can you sleep anywhere or does it have to be in your bed?
I have got to have somewhere comfortable to lay down. I have a hard time sleeping on the floor. I also have to do my ritual... brush my teeth, read my scriptures and say my prayers

What are your favourite conditions for a good night's sleep?  Does it have to be completely dark and quiet?
Dark, quiet, a good temperature, rituals completed, comfortable bed and comfortable place.

What are your favourite foods?
I really like Italian! Pastas, breads, etc. I also love sweets...

What are your favourite desserts?
Oh crap... I have WAY too many... I think the list would be shorter if I were to list the ones I didnt like. I guess I can generalize and say cookies.

Do you like to cook or bake?  What are your favourite things to make?
I like to bake better than cooking... cuz because I can bake better and those things taste better! :) But I dont really LIKE to do either. My favorite things to make are EASY things that dont take a lot of time.

Do you have any food allergies?

What are some foods you have a hard time saying "no" to?
sweets, and bread -- especially if either of those are still warm

What foods do you HAVE to have brand name?  Which can you do generic?
I think I can do generic anything...

Do you try to eat healthy?
Sometimes... haha sweets are just too tempting to me.

Do you prefer eating out?  Where?
I do just because its easier, it tastes good, and I dont have to make it. I like Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Wendy's...

How is your health?
Pretty good. Nothing major as of now

Have you had any surgeries?
Does wisdom teeth count?

Have you had any broken bones?

Do you have any allergies?
seasonal, shrimp and dryer sheets

What are you doing to keep healthy now?
I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies

Around the world
What major world events have happened in your lifetime?
9/11, War in Iraq, first black president, natural disasters

Has it affected who you are now?
im sure it has in some way

Who was the president when you were born?
Ronald Reagan

What natural disasters have you been in?
an Earthquake or 2. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Part 2

Please see part 1 of my personal history below this post  :)

College Years
Did you attend college or a trade school?
Yes, I went to Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg.

How did you choose what you wanted to be when you grew up?
I knew I liked kids and wanted to do preschool first. Then I decided that majoring in El Ed would give me a few more opportunities. Once I got into the classes I realized how much I liked it.

What did you think was the hardest thing about your chosen profession at the time?
The management of the classroom.
What dumb things did you do during those years?
Nothing really...maybe stay up too late and eat like crap

What good things did you do?
I learned a lot about myself, grew up, made some long lasting friendships, learned a lot about my profession, 

Did you live on your own? Were you prepared for that?
I lived with 5 other girls the whole time I was there. I have always gotten along pretty well with other people. I had really good roommates as well so I think I was fairly well prepared

What life lessons did you learn?
Never take out student loans, be careful with money, value friendship and the gospel.

What choices did you make that affect where you are now?
Doing my student teaching in Salt Lake is probably the biggest one... 

What jobs have you had?
Housekeeper, Mortgage file sorter, day care teacher, and teacher... I had very brief experience as a phone surveyor... and I hated it. 

What did you like/dislike about each job?
um... In general, I loved the people I worked with in all those jobs. If I didn't I would quit. Both teacher jobs I loved working with the students as well. The mortgage file job I like because I could listen to music all day and no one really bugged me. 

Have you used any of that knowledge in later years?
Oh yeah, having a job teaches you all kind of responsibility

Who were your bosses?  Did you like them/get along?
I liked my boss at the first and last place I did Housekeeping. I hated the one in Teton Village... I dont even remember her name. She was always so rude to me and I'm pretty sure she hated me too. I didnt mind my boss at the mortgage place and my day care boss it would just depend on the day. Now that I am a teacher, I liked one of my principals, and not the other.

How did you get along with your coworkers?
good!! I never had problems with the people I worked with. I got along well with other people.

Which was your favorite job?
Probably either the day care, or my job now. 

How many years until you retire?
Who knows....  

Do you have any big plans for your retirement?
um... travel?

How did you meet your spouse? Was it love at first sight or did it take some time?

How long did you date before you were engaged? How long was your engagement?

How did you get engaged?

Who did most of the wedding plans? Who helped?

Who were your bridesmaids?  Bestmen?

Describe the details of your wedding: the colours, the cake, the decorations, etc.

Where did your wedding take place?  Who performed the ceremony? Do you remember any of the words of advice given?

Who attended your wedding?

Where did you go on your honeymoon?  What adventures did you have?



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Personal History of Sorts...Part 1

WARNING --- Novel length post!!! My good friend Emme did this on her blog and I thought it was a really good idea! I kind of use my blog as a journal, so having this history and information written down will be fun to go back and look at, or even for future generations to read. If you don't want to read, I won't be offended... :) Also, Its long so I split it into the same sections she did... Pretty much  I'm an Emme copy cat... Thanks Em, I always looked up to you! :)

Your birth and family
What is your full name and how did you get that name?
Kelsey Colleen Hokanson
I guess my parents just liked the name Kelsey. They never really gave me a particular reason why... just that they liked it. My middle name, Colleen, was my maternal grandmothers name. She always kind of spoiled me because I was her namesake. :)

What are you parents full names and birth dates and places?
Lin Dee Hokanson - Born in Afton, Wyoming on August 30, 1954
Annette Asplund Hokanson - Born in Logan, UT on May 9, 1953

What is your date of birth?  Where were you born?  What are some of the circumstances of your birth?
June 15, 1987 in Afton, Wyoming. I was born on my due date because my mom had to have a C-section with all 4 kids.   

What are your siblings full names and dates of birth?
Whitney Lynn Hokanson Whiting (sheesh) - July 20, 1981
Mark Shane Hokanson - December 29, 1982
Lon Dee Hokanson - January 15, 1985

How was your relationship with your siblings and parents?
I remember being happy as a kid. I was the youngest. My siblings always said I was spoiled, and I always felt picked on, but even still I remember admiring all 3 of them so much and wanting them to think I was cool. I loved it when they took the time to play with me... Even when my brothers version of playing with me was making me be the GI Joe with no arms or legs and then blowing me up in the first 5 mins... Or singing "stick her in the foliage" while marching around the back yard in California. My sister was always too cool for me when she lived at home. The only time we really got to spend time together is when she let me paint her toe nails. I got to be quite good because I would ask her if I could redo them all the time. I even did them for her wedding. I remember wanting to redo them because they looked really bad but she was sick of sitting there forever. HA 

I also remember playing alone a lot. We had a lot of land behind our house in California and I would just go wander back there. Probably into other peoples yards, but I remember it being a really cool kind of forest-y place and I would just wander back there for hours. There was a little stream I would play in. There was also 2 mean dogs that lived across the street and would chase me. Sometimes I would sneak back behind the house to get home to avoid them. Other times I sat on the curb til my dad got home and could walk me past the dogs. and still other times I would just stand at the end of the road and yell until someone in my family would come rescue me. 

I always got along pretty well with my parents. I always wanted to please them and make them happy.  I rarely did anything I knew they wouldn't like because I was so worried about disappointing them. I was a Daddy's girl and a Momma's girl. My siblings say I was spoiled -- I say I just learned from their mistakes and knew how to word things right to get my way.... 

What are some lessons you've learned from your parents?
I dont know if I could name them all!! The first thing that comes to my mind is that they taught me to rely on my Heavenly Father. My parents had a lot of struggles in their lives, at least from my point of view, but I never once saw them lose faith. If anything they turned to Heavenly Father and because stronger. They were very strongly led by him and trusted in him. I saw my parents as very faithful  people. 

How did you help in your home?
the thing I remember doing the most is setting the table. HAHA kind of strange i suppose... We would also do household projects as a family. I was usually designated hammer holder or something to that effect. When we still lived in Star Valley I remember my mom writing all the chores on a small piece of paper and we had to pick our chores that way. Every Saturday morning, if I remember correctly

Growing up, early years
Where did you grow up? Describe it.
I was born in Star Valley and lived there til I was 9. I honestly remember very little. We had a small farm house, with lots of stray cats. We had a big back yard/field that had old barns and stuff like that. We would play in them sometimes. The only thing that separated my house and my grandparents house was a field full of horses. My family torn down the old garage and built a giant new one.  Soon after that we moved to California. I have already retold my main California memories... and strangely still remember the address there... 44293 Copper Creek way Coarsegold, California 93614

What's your earliest memory?
A family vacation to Portland Oregon. We went to the beach and all I really remember was that there was quick sand or sink holes or something and I wanted to put my shoes by the sign so I wouldnt forget where they were, but Whitney wouldnt let me because she said my shoes would disappear in the sink hole. and I remember being really sad. HAHA

What games did you play as a child?
All the girly things. barbies, dolls, house, teacher, etc. I also played a lot of boy games because all the kids my age in Star Valley were boys. Not to mention I had 2 older brothers. 

Where did you go to school?
Metcalf Elementary, Rivergold Elementary, and Coarsegold Elementary

Who were your friends?
Rhoda Sevingy, Stefanie Pantuso, Olivia Pogue, Katie Peck, Lizzie -- I cant remember her last name.

Who were your favourite teachers and why?
Mrs. Rowley in 3rd grade. She was young, and new to the school and really nice. I LOVED 3rd grade. I also really liked Mrs. Coulomb. She taught 4th grade and took me under her wing when I was new to the school.

What were your chores?
I never had set chores... I did what ever I picked, or whatever I was told I had to do before going to a friends house.

Growing up, teenage years
What activities did you participate in?
I did church volleyball... our team never was good, but it was fun. My Sophomore and Junior years of high school I was a techy for the drama department and found costumes and props for all the plays. 

How did you learn to drive?  What kind of car did you have?
I feel like my parents kind of took turns teaching me. And Lon even taught me some. At first,  I drove an old buick until it died... then i drove my moms bright yellow suzuki Aerio. My first car was my dads old White Chevy malibu

Who were your friends?
Stefanie Pantuso, Mindi Roberts, Lena Rice, Sarah Schrubb, Jenny Gaither, Jenny Trevino

Did you have a boyfriend?
Ha! No. I had several crushes, but I was always to shy do to anything about it.

What did you like/dislike about school?
Friends!! That was my favorite part. I hated math. I was never very good at it. I had to retake Geometry. 

What was your first paid job?
I was a breakfast attendant for the comfort inn and suites. I just kept all the food stocked up during breakfast and cleaned up when it was done. When I was done cleaning, I vacuumed the hall ways, washed the windows to the pool area, cleaned the public bathroom, etc etc. Sometimes I helped clean rooms. I got paid $7.00 an hour

What were your chores at home?
Same as above.